Monday, 18 April 2011

Week 2 (not the weekend)

Well, we have now finished our second week in London.  It has been another fun and exhausting week.

Monday the kids went on a tour of the HMS Belfast which is a WWII ship in the Thames river.  This is the night we caught up on journals and such.  Libby is good and writes in her journal every night, but the boys we have to chase around a little. 

Tuesday they went to the National Gallery (art museum) and to Hyde park to the playground.  I had to work late this night so Lena had to cook.  The food was all gone when I got home. 

Wednesday was a fun day at the V&A museum and the Science Museum.  The V&A museum they said was boring and had a lot of statues.  They didnt have much more than an hour at the science museum but they like it alot.  They definetly want to go back.

Thursday I had a meeting in downtown London, so the kids went to Hyde park to the Princess Diana Memorial Playground (one of thier favorites) and then came and met me at the Tower of London.  From there we went back towards Hyde Park on the tube.  It was so crowded (rush hour).  We got off and walked towards Harrods, but the kids were too hungry, so we stopped at a bakery called Pauls.  They boys got olive bread and Libby got a croissant.  We then got to Harrods, but they were still hungry so we got more food and after all that, we had barely any time to shop before they closed, so we didnt buy anything.  (matt is probably glad).  We spent what little time we had on the toy floor.  I did walk out of the store (after closing) very slowly by stairs so I could see more things.

Friday we decided to go to the Lion King, so we have now experienced London Theater.  It took a lot longer to get downtown that it usually does, so we were stressed, but the show was wonderful.  The costumes are more amazing than everyone says.  After the show, the streets were lined with these guys on bicycles which could hold several people in a cart type thing on the back.  They rang thier bells to try and get business.  We got home very late.

More on the weekend later.

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