Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The mundane

Sunday was a lazy day.  We went to Church, came home, played etc.  In the afternoon, we took a walk around the neighborhood.  There are actually some nice walking trails we hadn’t discovered yet.  We had to go buy ice cream for a snack.

Monday was the day that Lena left.  My mom and dad came too.  They were supposed to come Sunday night, but they had no end of disaster in their flying.  At least they came in time to relieve Lena of her duties and help her get to the airport.  I got home to dinner made an everything.  It was very nice, we will miss Lena.  It was great to have her here, and we are so glad she could come for a few weeks. 

Tuesday was my long work day, when I got home (after 7) noone was home.  In the morning the kids did their school work and in the afternoon they had gone into London.  They went to Hemsley the LARGEST TOY STORE  in the WORLD!!  They came home very excited.   After dinner, it was pretty much time for bed.

Wednesday the kids and my parents went to LegoLand which is in Windsor close by.  They had a great day at the amusement park.  They were home late again, so I came home to an empty apartment, it was a little lonely.  It was nice because the next day were leaving the apartment for 3 months and so we had to completely remove our stuff.  I had some time to pack and organize.

Thursday the kids and my parents had to get the apartment ready to leave.  They packed and cleaned while I worked.  It is so beautiful here, we are able to walk almost every day at lunch.  We walk to a nearby place and buy a sandwich and eat outside in the sun.  It is really nice.  All the walking feels good!  After I got home we rushed around and left the big suitcases (2) at the Tate and Lyle hotel nearby.  We took our suitcases with three weeks worth of things and got on the tube to the Kings Cross station (St Pancreas Station).  We stayed by the station  because our train left for Lille at 6am.  When we got there we walked to the hotel.  It was a very small European type hotel.  With twisty halls and VERY small rooms.  We found a delicious Indian restaurant.  We got our tickets for the morning and went to bed.

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