Monday, 18 April 2011


Today I did some school work.  I did math, reading, Bible and writing.  We went to the National Gallery.  There are nymphs and naked people.  There were fairies, people with clothes and Jesuses.  We talked about 1 Samuel in Bible class.  It was fun.

We went to the V&A museum.  There were lots of statues.  They were boring.  The silver was cool.  We went to the science museum.  We went to the Launch Pad Area and the Exploring Spare Area.  We took the train there and back.  Today was fun.

Today i went to Herods.  I got a watermelon [to eat] and my mom got a heidi pie,  We saw the toys.  I wanted a violet bear or some squen.  The buses were pretty crowded.  We saw an ugly Kate Middleton doll.  I was talking to my Dad on Skype.  We did not want to do much in the morning.  We had fun today.

Today I saw the Lion King.  My favorite acit was the Nayla girl, Simba's friend.  My favorite costume was the elephant mom.  There was one person in each leg.  It was huge.  We went to the park, had ice cream and played spies.  I had fun.

Today we went to the Cotswolds.  I bought an outfit for my dolls.  I saw Penny [her horse for her doll] on Skype.  At the cotswold, yellow flowers stood in clumps like a lemon ice cream factory explosion.  Green pastures filled the scenery like a green sprinkle factory explosion.  Blue flower beds dotted the stations like a rainbow sprinkle factory explosion.  I had fun. 

Today I went to church.  We talked about the last supper in sunday school.  We had tea and cookie afterwards.  We went swimming.  I wish I had goggles and Mom wished she had a swimsuit.  My swimsuit had flowers on it.  We watched two movies.  We watched the Princess Bride and the Muppet Show season 2, disc 2.  I had fun.

Today my Grandparents came.  We went to a park, got ice cream bars and left Lena at the airport for her flight.

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