Wednesday, 27 April 2011



On Saturday we got up with the purpose of going to the Cotswolds.  We had tried to buy tickets online the night before but we were having all sorts of troubles.  So when we finally got up and moving we took the train to Paddington Station.  At Paddington station we bought tickets to go to Moreton on Marsh for the day, unfortunately we had just missed the morning train and so we had to wait a couple hours for the next one.  (the trains go about once an hour except during lunch time).  The fun thing was that we bought the book Paddington Bear and read it several times.  Each of us read it during the day so we all got practice reading.  We also had a Krispy Kreme dount. Yum.  The train ride on the countryside was beautiful.  There were green fields, lots of sheep, fields of yellow flowers (canola?).  We had lunch on the train, unfortunately, even though we had to wait -  we got on the train late and didn’t get to sit together.  Some guy sat in a 4 person area with the three kids, and I sat in anther 4 person area.  I couldn’t figure out why that guy didn’t move, I cant imagine he had a great journey.  I almost feel sorry for him.  The train stopped in Oxford, we will have to go back there some day and went on to Moreton on Marsh.  We got to town, and it was a cute, quiet town.  The buildings were made with a yellow stone.  There were antique stores and craft stores and even a second hand store.  We bought Travel Mastermind at the second hand store, it has never been opened.  It only cost 2 pounds.  The boys bought old coins at craft fair and Libby found a hand knitted dress that fit her American girl doll.  It only cost 9 pounds or something like that, I thought it was a good deal.  In the Cotswolds they have hundreds of miles of walking trails that are just in and along the fields.  So you just walk, right through the sheep and everything.  It was a little weird at first, but you got used to it.  They had special gates so people could get in but the sheep couldn’t.  The kids had fun chasing the sheep and taking pictures of them.  Since it is spring there were lots of cute baby sheep. 
There was also a nice park in town with a large zip line that the kids got to swing on for hours.  We had an English tea in the afternoon.  We all ordered tea, with milk and sugar.  Paul had a scone with curdeled cream (he didn’t like that).  Jacob and tea and toast.  Elizabeth and I shared a macaroon and a tea cake.  Yum.

Before we went home we ate dinner at an English pub.  I had Yorkshire pudding, Jacob had a meat pie.  Paul and Elizabeth sausage and chips.  It was yummy.  Very typical English day.  We went home and talked to Dad and went to bed

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