Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Today we went to the Tower of London.  We saw a lot.  We saw the blood tower.  The bloody tower is known for two princes disappearing.  Then we saw a dragon made out of weapons like guns, armor, flags, and money and jewels.  Last we saw the torture place. 

Today I went to the British Museum,  It has a mummy.  It has the Rosetta Stone,  They had little rosetta stones. 

The Neighborhood is little.  The park is small (the one by the house).  A big park is by the grocery store,  We went to a World War II ship and got a tour. 

I went on a bus and a boat tour,  I could not hear on the bus tour and I fell asleep on the boat tour.  So far my favorite part of London is the parks.  At one of the parks we played sand monster with some other kids. 

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