Monday, 18 April 2011


The V& A was boring.  We walked a lot.  We saw boring statues.  There were only statues and paintings.  There was an old staircase.  It was made of wood.  I dont really remember a lot about the V&A.

The science museum was more interesting.  They had a Rube Goldberg on thier website.   (  Go to home, go to search, go to "On The Move".  There as a pellet/rice thing and you pull it up and since the bag was broken all of it fell on your head and it felt like hail.  There was a computer game where you have to complete these Rube Goldberg's.  I want to go back to the science museum. 

The Lion King was cool.  The cast did a good job.  The costumes looked good. The elephant was my favorite because it had 4 - 5 people in it.  When the people fell they had a string thingy attached to them.  I liked The Lion King.

I miss my fish, Scribbles and Skittles. I cant wait till my Dad comes to visit us.  I miss him too.  There are a lot of other things I miss from home.  In spite of missing these things, I am  having fun in London.

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