Monday, 18 April 2011

Jacob's Fun

This week we went to the A&V museum.  It was not intersting.  It had statues and a diamond ring.  It was boring.

We went to the Science Museum of London.  We saw a rube on TV.  The website is if you click on the website and type in videos, you can see all the videos.  My favorite video is called "On The Move".  It was fun.

We saw The Lion King, the play.  It was cool.  I got up so close to an actor that if I'd spoke the people in the audience would hear me.  We got home about 11:30pm. 

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us.  We are right by the airport, which makes it hard for Paul and I to sleep because the planes make lots of noise. 

The trip is interesting but some of it is kinda boring.  The interesting stuff is like the science museum and the Tower of London.  Some of the National Gallery was interesting and some was boring.  The V&A was boring. 

Being on the tube is really bumpy and you cant even feel it when you turn. 

So far London is really exciting.

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