Monday, 23 May 2011

Pauls 5/15 post

We went to see the castles.  The castles were build by King Ludwig II.  The second castle, Walt Disney used as a model for Cinderella’s castle.  I got a blue wallet made out of deerskin.  I saw red stag antlers. They were hanging on the wall because they used the castle as a get-away castle.  They would hunt in the woods.  I would have that bed in my own castle that you would live in all the time.  The bed from Neuschwanstein castle.  The castle I would design would have a cave full of rubies and gems and pearls and gold and silver and platinum.  I would give some of the jewels to the poor people.  I would make 5 big rooms that are all connected for family.  (Mommy, wouldn’t you and Daddy want to share a room since Daddy is warm?  Yes)  I also would have three guest rooms for all my friends.  I would put stars made out of clear crystals and put a lamp that twinkles on and off and changes colors really quickly on the floor above.  (this is what King Ludwig II did in his bedroom).  I would put little clouds and make a glass floor and under it would be a little sculpture of the city so it would look like a flying room.  In the back I would put a maze.  Also in the back I would put a water park/amusement park. 

We went to a cathedral.  We went to see the bell tower.  We had to walk because there was no elevator so we had to take stairs.  Just to get to the bells there were about 300 stairs.  To get to the top there were 533 stairs.  I did not like going to the top but Mom forced us, and it wasn’t very nice because I don’t like heights. 

We had a very fun time in Germany. 

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