Monday, 23 May 2011

Jacob's post from 5/15

Today we are traveling to Cologne Germany.  We are on our way back to London.  The train ride is 4.5 hours long, we got on at 1:30 and we will get off at 6.  Right  now we are stopped at big train station for some weird reason.  We thought the car 38 was going to be the last one, and the cars were so big it was actually the first one.  There were two trains connected together, at a town (Stuggart) the two trains separated and went different ways. 

Yesterday we were in Munich called Munchen.  We took a tour of two castles.  The first castle wasn’t as beautiful as the second castle.  The second castle was filled with gold and even had a fake cave inside.  We went to a restaurant last night, and Paul, Libby and I had shisk kabobs.  I had meat.  Libby had some tortellini thingies.  It was german food.  Mom had beer and cola mixed together.  I thought it tasted plain and dull. 

The first castle was called the swan castle and it had lots of fountains that all stood for something but I don’t remember what now.  The kitchen was in a different building than the house.  There was a painting in the dining room.  The painting was of a battle but there was no blood.  The tour guide said  they must have actually died of heart attacks in the battle since there was no blood.  King Maximillion built the first castle, and his son King Ludwig II built the second castle. 

We got a new wallet made out of deer leather. 

If I had a castle I would build it in a maze.  I would not like to live in the second castle because it was too big.  The castle is by the mountains and it was hilly everywhere but sometimes it was flat.        

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